3 ways to effectively balance your work life and running schedule!

The human race is progressively getting more and more busy as time is progressing.
While we may look for time to get other things done, exercise is something we manage
to cut off our schedule and look forward to getting away with. Until one day you’re
standing in front of the mirror trying to fit into your old clothes and are left
disappointed with yourself.
Despite the rewards, the variety of exercises can leave us overwhelmed. Running is one
of the best exercises you can do and not go wrong with. It helps you kick the extra
calories. Here are 3 tips that can help you start with running and losing weight, but
more importantly, being healthy.

  • Start your day early

The more you delay, the lazier you’ll feel to start off. If you put off going for a run, you’re probably never starting. Make sure you aim to start as early as you can. For those of you who are just starting out, focus on building momentum. Preferably create a morning routine for yourself where you can take over the day after you’re done with your daily running! Also, focus on sleeping early so that sleepiness doesn’t conquer your morning runs.


  • Commit yourself to your running schedule

Once you create a plan for yourself, make sure you dedicatedly follow it. Focusing on it will only enable you to focus more on yourself. This works as a basic formula for getting anything you want to get done. But with running, you are surely going to see the results quite sooner and more effectively.


  • Doing something is better than doing nothing

You don’t always need to set aside a specific time period for running. A runner should run at least 4 days in a week. It’s important to be consistent with your duration of a run for it to be effective. And as long as you don’t break your cycle, you can be sure you’re doing good. You can also enhance your run by doing simple exercises like jumping jacks, etc., or get into doing stretching as well as strengthening exercises. They can be done half an hour each for better and improved efficiency.

We hope these 3 simple tips help you getting started with a healthy schedule of running, and eventually take you to your goal of a healthy body and lifestyle.