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8 Types of Runners in a Marathon

Preparing for and then completing a marathon is always a thrilling experience. The elation of crossing the finish line is quite the feeling, isn’t it!

But have you ever thought, “What kind of a runner am I? How do I look while running?”

There are different ways in which a person runs. It’s very difficult to limit the kinds of runners. But we’ve shortlisted the eight most common types of runners you’ll see in a marathon.

Have a look at these to know which category you possibly fall into!

1. The Huffer and Puffer


You’re a heavy breather, and you groan while running. This is completely fine because it shows your dedication and motivation to run and complete the race!

2. The Groupie


If you love running in groups, more specifically with your friends or family, you are absolutely a groupie!

3. The Music Fan


You cannot run without your earphones. Music gives you the adrenaline kick to compete. You just have to listen to music to get by during the marathon!

4. The Regular Rester


The midrun snacks and drinks motivate you more than the thought of winning the race. You can always be found at one of the break counters!

5. The Conqueror


You’re in it to win it. Nothing motivates you more than the thought of finishing the race at the top spot and picking up that winner’s medal!

6. The Fine Wines


You’re a role model for all young runners. You’re fitter than you kids! You stay motivated throughout the run and don’t need any excuses for not completing it.

7. The Finisher


If you’re running, you’ve got to finish the race! For you, participation matters more than winning. No matter what race you take part in, you always look to finish it!

8. The Poser


You love posing for the cameras while running. You’ve got the looks for it and make sure you get the best pictures taken even if you’re huffing and puffing during the race!

Whatever kind of runner you are, remember, the obsession with running is an obsession with more life!