1. Race Flag off Time respective Race Categories :
    • 21kms – 5.30 a.m
    • 10kms – 6.00 a.m
    • 6 kms – 30 a.m
  2. Number of Laps for respective Race Categories :
    • 21 kms – 3 Laps
    • 10 kms- 2 Laps
    • 6kms –  1 Lap
  3. The BIB allocated to you has a RFID strip behind it . You have to ensure that the BIB is Not folded else the

RFID Strip will get damaged & your timing will not be detected

  1. In order to receive an accurate time, ensure your bib is:
    • Worn on the Chest & is clearly visible.
    • Unaltered and unmodified (Do not fold or wrinkle).
    • Pinned in all four corners.
    • Not covered (Jackets, Runner belts, Water bottles, etc.)
  2. The BIB allotted to the participant is non-transferable and request for cancellation and thereby, refund will not be entertained.
  3. The participant has to run only in his/her registered event else will be disqualified.
  4. Timing of this race will be calculated on Gun Time You timing will start once the Flag Off of your Race is done . It is mandatory to pass through all timing points on your respective route.
  5. Prizes in a Category will be given only if there are minimum 4 participants in that Category .
  6. Prizes will be given to top 2 winners in applicable categories. The decision of the JURY will be final and binding.
  7. You can view your race timing ,result & timing certificate after 48 hours on runindiarun.org.in
  8. You can download the certificate from the website. Hard copy of the certificate will not be provided.
  9. In case of any issue with your result or certificate, drop us a mail on runindiarun@gmail.com. Kindly mention your BIB number & event name in mail subject .
  10. Water, Energy Drink & Medical Stations are there on the route.
  11. Signage & Distance Boards are placed on the route .You are required to follow them .In case a participant goes on the wrong route, it will be solely his/her responsibility
  12. Distance & Direction Boards have a Colour Coding which is on the top section of your BIB. Kindly keep your Color in mind so that you do not miss out on any Board.
  13. You should not be pushing yourself beyond your limits. In case of slightest discomfort, you are required to stop immediately. Inform the closest volunteer or medical station.
  14. Before starting the race , do proper Warm Up to prevent any injuries.
  15. After finishing the Race, do proper Full Body Stretching to prevent injuries & soreness in the body.
  16. Vehicles will not be allowed beyond a Certain Point .All participants are requested to park your vehicles minimum in the Pay & Park Facility next to Capital Building OR in JIO Garden.