Registrations Closed

Event Details

Sunday, 22nd July 2018

Flag Off Time

21km : 6:00am

10km & 5km : 6:15am

JioGarden, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai

21 kms
10 kms
5 kms


  • Race Start & Finish Point

All the three Races (21Kms, 10Kms & 5Kms) Start from  JioGarden & end in JioGarden


  • Race Flag Off Time :
    • 21 Kms – 6 am
    • 10 Kms – 6.15 a.m
    • 5   Kms – 6.15 a.m


  • Parking Facility , Entry & Exit :
    • Pay & Park Facility is available in JIO Garden
    • Vehicle Entry for Parking is only from Gate No 10.
    • Vehicle Exit from Parking is only from Gate No 8.

A lot of Vehicles will be entering before the Race  & exiting after the Race at the same time, there will be some waiting time. You are required to be patient & cooperate with the Parking & Security Staff.


  • Pedestrian Entry :
    • Pedestrian Entry is From Gate No 3 & 9.


  • Baggage Facility :
    • Limited Baggage Facility is available Near Gate 3.
    • Baggage Facility will be given on First Cum First Serve Basis Only.
    • Do not keep any valuables in the baggage.
    • The organisers  will be not be responsible for any loss of items from the baggage.


  • Prohibited Items :
    • No ILLEGAL or ILLICIT Substances, Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia.
    • No Weapons/Sharp Objects of any kind including but not limited to pocket knives & self defence sprays
    • No flammable items or liquids including aerosols & fireworks
    • No markers , pens or spray paint
    • No outside food or beverage including alcohol, bottles or cans
    • No Cigarettes , vapes or tobacco items , matchbox, lighter
    • No Pacifiers or Glow Sticks
    • No laser pens , laser pointers or similar focused light devices
    • Additional Items may be prohibited at the discretion of Law enforcement or Security Officials


  • Laps

Number of Laps for respective Races is mentioned below :

  • 21 Kms – 3 Laps of 7 Kms each
  • 10 Kms – 2 Laps of 5 Kms each
  • 5   Kms –  1 Lap

Study the Race Route properly to Understand Laps for your Race .

It is the responsibility of the Participant to watch out for Signage Boards which clearly mention the Direction for Laps & Finish.


  • Race BIB :
    • The BIB allocated to you has a RFID strip behind it . You have to ensure that the BIB is Not folded else the RFID Strip will get damaged & your timing will not be detected.
    • In order to receive an accurate time, ensure your bib is:
      • Worn on the Chest & is clearly visible.
      • Unaltered and unmodified (Do not fold or wrinkle).
      • Pinned in all four corners.
      • Not covered (Jackets, Runner belts, Water bottles, etc.)
  • The BIB allotted to the participant is non-transferable.
  • The participant has to run wearing his/her BIB Only, else will be disqualified.
  • The participant has to run only in his/her registered event else will be disqualified.
  • Timing of this race will be calculated on Chip Time basis. Your timing will start once you cross the Start Line.


  • Prizes:
  • For getting a Ranking/Prize , a participant has to cross the Start Line within below mentioned times after the race start.
    • 21 K – Has to cross the Start Line within 5  minutes of the start of the race.
    • 10 K – Has to cross the Start Line within 10  minutes of the start of the race.
    • 5 K – Has to cross the Start Line within  10  minutes of the start of the race.
  • If a participant crosses the Start Line after the above mentioned time line, then the timing will be calculated only as per GUN Time & the same will be considered for the Ranking/ Prize.
  • Prizes will be given to top 3 winners in applicable categories. The decision of the JURY will be final and binding.
  • In case of any dispute the decision of the Jury will be final & binding.


  • Timing Points :
    • It is mandatory to pass through all timing points on your respective route. If the participant does not pass through the Timing points , it is solely his/her responsibility .


  • Hydration & Medical :
    • Water, Energy Drink & Medical Stations are there on the route. Hydrate yourself adequately.
    • You should not be pushing yourself beyond your limits. In case of slightest discomfort, you are required to stop immediately. Inform the closest volunteer or medical station.


  • Signage & Distance Boards :
    • Signage & Distance Boards are placed on the route .You are required to follow them .In case a participant goes on the wrong route, it will be solely his/her responsibility


  • Volunteers :
    • Volunteers are there on the Route .You are required to follow the instructions & directions given by them.


  • Post Race :
    • After finishing the Race, do proper Full Body Stretching to prevent injuries & soreness in the body.




Cash Prize
10 Kms 21kms
Male 1st 2nd 3rd Male 1st 2nd 3rd
18 to 34 5000 3000 2000 18 to 34 10000 7000 5000
35 to 44 5000 3000 2000 35 to 44 10000 7000 5000
45 & Above 5000 3000 2000 45 & Above 10000 7000 5000
10 Kms 21kms
Female 1st 2nd 3rd Female 1st 2nd 3rd
18 to 34 5000 3000 2000 18 to 34 10000 7000 5000
35 to 44 5000 3000 2000 35 to 44 10000 7000 5000
45 & Above 5000 3000 2000 45 & Above 10000 7000 5000

  1. Cash Prize will be given to Top 3  Winners of 21kms &  10 Kms in every Age Category
  2. Trophies will be given to Top 3 winners of 21kms , 10kms & 5kms in every Age Category
  3. Winners will be declared as per  Net Time
  4. For Prizes, Gun Time will be considered for Participants who cross the Start Line after the below mentioned Timelines for the specific Races:
    1. 21 K- 5 Minutes after Gun Time
    2. 10 K – 10 Minutes after Gun Time
    3. 5K -10 Minutes after Gun Time
  5. Cash Prize Amount mentioned above is in (Rs)
  6. Trophies will be given to Winners on the Race Day. To Collect the trophy the participant will have to produce Original Photo Id Proof
  7. Cash Prizes will be given Only after properly verifying all the Credentials within  45 days  of the Race Day
  8. To Claim the Cash Prize the Winner will have to submit the required documents & follow the process laid down for the same
  9. Cash Prize will be paid only by Cheque or Bank Transfer
  10. Cash Prizes will be paid subject to applicable Government Deductions.
  11. If there is a mistake in the Declared results, the participant who has wrongly got the Prize & Trophy will have to return the same back to the Organiser
  12. The Organsier Reserves the Right to Change the Prize Amount at any given point of time
  13. The Organiser reserves the right to Add/Modify/ Delete any of the above points at any given point of time
“Participate as a Team, Run as a Team & Win as a Team”


Brief about Corporate Challenge:

  1. Corporate Challenge is a competition wherein all participating Corporates will compete with each other as a team.
  2. Trophies will be given to Top 3 Winning Corporates.
  3. No Individual Prizes / Trophies will be given.



  1. Minimum 10 participants from a Company in any race category (5k, 10k & 21K)
  2. No limit on maximum participants from a Company.



Every participating Corporate will be judged on the below mentioned parameters:

  1. Maximum Participants from a Corporate across all race categories. i.e. 5k, 10k & 21K.
  2. Place’s obtained in Top 10 in Open Category by the Corporate across 5k, 10k & 21K.
  3. Top 3 rankings in Corporate Category. Corporate Category is a separate Category in which only corporate participants will be ranked across 5k, 10k & 21K.
  4. A Corporate Participant will be eligible to be considered in the Top 10 in the Open Category &  Top 3 in the Corporate Category , only if the participant  completes the Race within the Cut Off Time mentioned below :

Sr No Gender Distance (Kms) Cut Off Time (Gun Time)
1) Male & Female 21 3 hrs
2) Male & Female 10 1hr 25 mins
3) Male & Female 5 40 mins

Scoring Method & Prizes:

  1. Points will be given for each of the above 3 parameters.
  2. Based on the Above 3 Parameter’s Cumulative Points will be arrived at.
  3. The Top 3 Corporates who get the maximum Cumulative Points will be winners of the Corporate Challenge.
  4. The Top 3 Corporates will be given Corporate Trophies.



  1. Only Employees of a Company can participate in the Corporate Challenge.
  2. Every employee has to submit his/her proof of employment while registering.
  3. The Corporate Challenge will be conducted subject to a minimum number of entries received.
  4. The organizer reserves the right to change the Eligibility, Parameters & Scoring Method at any given point of time.
  1. The event is organized under the aegis of Maharashtra Athletic Association. Timings will be recorded through Electronic method (Timing chip). Certificate of this race can be used to register in leading marathons across India.
  2. All races in this event are timed and competitive races.
  3. In all distance categories, Prizes will be given to Top 3 male and female in each age category.
  4. Digital Timing Certificate will be issued to all registered participants.
  5. All Participants will be given a T-Shirt.
  6. Snacks and refreshments will be served to all participants after the race.
  7. Finishers Medal will be given to each participant in all distance categories after finishing the race.

Type From To 5kms 10kms 21kms
Early Bird 1 01-05-2018 10-05-2018 799 899 999
Early Bird 2 11-05-2018 31-05-2018 899 1099 1199
Regular 01-06-2018 30-06-2018 999 1299 1399
Corporate 01-05-2018 30-06-2018 799 899 999


Registration Fees is inclusive of 18% GST & Payment Gateway Charges. 

Distance Open for Born on or before
5kms Timed Competitive Race 10 years and above 22-Jul-08
10kms Timed Competitive Race 18 years and above 22-Jul-00
21kms Timed Competitive Race 18 years and above 22-Jul-00

Date: 14th & 15th July. Saturday & Sunday

Time: 11am to 7pm

Venue: KANAKIA Paris, F’ Block, Near Ascend International School, BKC. CLICK TO LOCAE ON MAP



  1. Show SMS containing your BIB number along with soft / hard copy of your ID proof.
  2. In case you are sending someone else on your behalf, send an authority letter along with the person. CLICK HERE to download sample authority letter.
  3. BIBs will not be given after 15th July 2018.

All participant of Monsoon Marathon Challenge 2018 have an option to choose an exclusive 3 months training program which will not only make a you a better runner but will also help you to improve your timings.

  • Fees for this 3 month training program is INR 3999/- (inclusive of 18% GST)
  • Participants of 10 years and above only can sign up for this program.
  • During online registration, you will have an option to choose your desired distance category with this training program.
  • You can attend training at any of our training center from very next session after your registration.
  • Duration of this training program is 3 months from date of your registration..
  • For more details about training program and details of training centers visit this page.
  1. Corporate discount is applicable to companies from which minimum 10 employees are participating.
  2. All the employees willing to participate under corporate discount should be working for same company.
  3. To know more about corporate discount, kindly fill contact form given below.


  1. Please read all questions carefully and provide correct details.
  2. Please avoid any typo errors. Once form is filled, recheck all details before submitting the form.
  3. During registration, you will need to upload a copy of your ID proof. Please keep the file ready in your computer / mobile so that you can upload it easily.
  4. Registration once done cannot be cancelled and therefore, any request for refund will not be entertained.
  5. In case of online registration, payment can be done via Debit Card, Credit card, eWallet, etc. Please keep all details regarding your preferred payment mode ready to avoid chances of timeout and unsuccessful transaction.
  6. After successful registration, withing 10 minutes you will receive confirmation email and SMS on the email / mobile number submitted during registration.