RunIndiaRun has trained people as young as 18 and as old as 75! And guess what 95% of these people had never run before! Now that certainly proves that anyone can run!

Running a Marathon in the right way needs the right kind of fitness training.

While anyone can run, you certainly can’t run any how! Running is also a sport and requires an apt training regime to avoid unnecessary injuries and to achieve the desired results and goals.

With multiple Marathon Training centres, RunIndiaRun is all set to provide you with an all-inclusive training program throughout the year. From motivational talks to multifarious training activities, we aim to give you an all-round fitness experience. RunIndiaRun Health Ecosystem includes strong partnerships with Diagnostic Centers, Dieticians, Physiotherapists, Cardiologists, Orthopedic Centers, Sports & Fitness Stores which facilitate in achieving Individual Goals.

Thousands of people have trained under RunIndiaRun to Run –

  • Half Marathon ( 21.1 kms)
  • Full Marathon ( 42.195 kms)
  • Ultra Marathon ( Above 42.195 kms)
    Specifically Comrades Ultra Marathon (89kms approx ) which is held in South Africa .



Cardio Training
Improved heart health.
Strength Training
Strengthens bone & muscle mass, reduces risk of injury.
Full Body Stretching
Enables muscles to work more efficiently, makes you perform better.
Hill Training
Leg strength, stamina, control over mind.
Sand Training
Strengthens joints, muscles, improves balance.
Long Run
The heart gets stronger as it works harder to boost blood flow to leg, arm, and core muscles
Tempo Run
Improves metabolic fitness
Consultation by Dieticians
Advice on the right nutrition depending on your body type so you can develop a fitter self.
Consultation by Physiotherapists
Right advice keeping in mind your short comings so as to protect you from injuries


Below are few of the Running Events RunIndiaRun Trainees have participated in :

National Events


  • Monsoon Marathon Challenge
  • Mumbai Marathon
  • Delhi Marathon
  • Bengaluru 10 K
  • Hyderabad Marathon
  • Goa River Marathon
  • Ladakh Marathon
  • Satara Marathon
International Events


  • Comrades Ultramarathon
  • Half Iron Man
  • Berlin
  • Amsterdam
  • Boston
  • New York

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